This is a Christ-centered college-prep biology course that provides a foundation that will help students to understand the biological concepts they will come into contact with in their daily lives. I seek to make biology real by integrating such topics as the development of the “teen” brain, why enzymes are in detergent, how your body protects you from cancer and Ebola into the curriculum. Emphasis is put on a molecular approach and a thorough understanding of cell biology. I believe this approach helps to reveal the intricate majesty of God’s Creation .The sequencing of my curriculum is designed to step by step build a foundational lens through which the student will be able to not only understand but interrelate all the various aspects of biology. Units include: Your Brain and How You Use It, Scientific Method, Classification, Biochemistry, Cellular Respiration and Photosynthesis, Ecology, Cells and Cell Division, Genetics, and Disease. Students will also learn how to write a scientific paper.